The game of football is a game of many factors, which are not always in the control of the players. In order to find out the most important factors, it is necessary to study the statistics of the matches of the championship.
The most popular championship in the world is the English Premier League, which is the most popular in the European arena. This season, the teams of the top division of the English football league system have a great chance to win the title.

The main goal of the clubs of the Premier League is to become the champion of England. In the current season, a number of teams have already managed to achieve this goal. The main contenders for the title include:
* Chelsea;
* Manchester City;
* Arsenal;
* Liverpool;
* Tottenham.
Of course, the main goal for the teams is to win gold medals, but they also have to win in the domestic arena. The teams of England are quite capable of achieving this goal, too.
In the current football season, it has been possible to watch the matches with the participation of millions of fans around the world. The Premier League has already managed the task of winning the title for a numberof times.
What are the main contenders of the title?
The teams of English football have already won the title several times. However, they are not the only ones who can achieve this. The following teams are also able to achieve the same goal:
1. Chelsea. The team of Jose Mourinho has already won several times the title of the champion. However this season, they have a serious competition for the victory.
2. Manchester City. The club of Jose Guardiola is also able of winning gold medals. The squad of the Spaniard is quite capable to win not only the champion title, but also the Premier league.
3. Liverpool. The Reds have already achieved the victory in the Champions League. They are quite able to win a place in the top-4 of the standings.
4. Tottenham Hotspur. The Spurs have already reached the final of the Champions league, but the main task is to fight for the champion’s title. The current season has already shown that the team is not at the best, but it is still able to fight.
How to watch football matches?
It is quite easy to watch matches of English Premier league, because it is available on the Internet. The season is already starting, and the teams are already trying to win their places in the elite division.
You can follow the matches in real time, because the Internet is becoming increasingly popular. The fans of football can follow their favorite teams in the standings, as well as the results of the confrontations.
At the moment, the Premier division of English league system is the strongest. The top teams are:
• Chelsea; and
• Manchester City, who have already been in the final for several times in a row.
However, the competition for gold medals is quite high, too, because there are several teams in this division. The strongest teams are Tottenham, Arsenal, and Liverpool.
It has already become much easier to follow the results and the results are already being presented on the sports statistics website. The information about the matches is available to the users in full.
Football today at the Internet
The English Premier division is quite strong, and it is quite possible that the teams will be able to defend their title in the current championship. However it is also possible that they will lose some points in the matches against the weaker teams.
This is why it is so important to follow all the results, because this season the fans of the league have a lot of interesting games to watch. The most popular championships of the world are:
• Italian Serie A;
• Spanish La Liga;
· German Bundesliga;
• French Ligue 1.
There are also other championships, which have already become popular among fans of their own country. For example, the English Championship is one of the most interesting championships among fans from all over the world, because of the following reasons:
· high level of competition;
· long tournament distance;
. the team play;

· the interesting format of the tournament.
All these factors make the English championship one of football’st most popular tournaments.
Fans can follow football today at sports statistics site. Here, the information about matches is updated in real-time. The users of this resource have the opportunity to find the latest news, as it is updated on the website of sports statistics.
English Premier league results
The current season of the football championship of England is quite interesting. The results of matches are already available on this resource. The English Premier club league is one the most attractive championships in the English arena.
Among the main teams of this league, there are: Chelsea, Manchester City and Liverpool, who are quite strong in the championship of their country. However the main competitors of the team of Jurgen Klopp are: Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspurs.
Chelsea is quite able of competing for gold in the Premier club championship. The Chelsea team is quite active in the tournament, and they have already met with a number victories.
Liverpool is also quite capable, but this time it is not in the best condition.