The Premier League is the most prestigious football tournament in the world. The main goal of the tournament is to win the title of the best team in the continent.
The season of the English Premier League has already ended. The teams have already been competing for the title for several years. The gap between the teams is very small, so the fight for the champion title will be very interesting.
This season, the main contenders for the victory in the championship are:
* Manchester United;
* Liverpool;

* Chelsea;

* Arsenal;
* Tottenham.
All the teams have a good chance of winning the coveted trophy. However, the struggle for the championship is not over yet. There are still several matches ahead.

Premier League Standings
The English Premier league is one of the most popular tournaments in the whole world. This is not surprising, because the teams play against each other for several seasons. The winner of the championship will be able to claim the title.
In the current season, Manchester United has a very good chance to win it. The team has a good lineup, and the players have already demonstrated their skills in the previous season. The Red Devils have a very high chance of getting into the Champions League zone.
However, Liverpool is also a contender for the trophy. The club has a great lineup, which can be called the best in the history of the Premier league. The Reds have a great chance of being in the Champions league zone. However the team needs to show a lot of results in the English championship.
Also, Arsenal is another contender for victory in England. The Gunners have a strong lineup, but they are not in the best shape. The players need to improve their results in order to get into the top-4.
Tottenham is also in the fight with the Red Devils for the position in the top 4. The Spurs have a lot to prove, because they have not won the title in a long time. The Tottenham team has to show their best game in the Premier League.
Teams’ Prospects for the Next Season
The main goal for the teams in the current championship is to get to the Champions’ League zone, where they can play for the main trophy.
Manchester United is the team with the best chance of achieving this. The season has already been quite successful for the Red devils, and they have already won the English cup. The next season, they will have a chance to get a place in the group stage of the Champions’ League. This will be their chance to show themselves.
Liverpool is also one of Manchester United’s main competitors. The Merseysiders have a long way to go, because their rivals have a better lineup. However they have a decent chance of entering the Champions club tournament.
Arsenal is also another contender. The young team has recently managed to get out of the crisis, and now it is ready to fight for gold medals.
Premiership Standings at the End of Season
In order to be in the list of the main favorites of the season, a team has got to do a lot. The current season is a good example of this. Manchester United and Liverpool are the main competitors of the Red and Blue. However both teams are quite capable of winning it.
It is quite possible that the teams will fight for a place at the Champions football zone. The fight for this position is very interesting, because it is the best place for the team.
One of the reasons for this is the fact that the main contender for it is not the best. Arsenal is the main competitor of the Gunners. However it is quite capable to get there. The squad of the team has the potential to become a great team. This can be seen in the fact, that the team is not in a bad shape, and it is capable of getting a lot more.
Many teams are not at their best at the moment, but the season is still ahead. It is possible that one of them will get into a position to get the main football trophy. It will be a great opportunity for the club to show its best game.
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Main Intrigues of Season in English Premier
The current season of English Premier is quite interesting. The most intriguing part of the campaign is yet to come. The following teams can be the main rivals of the teams from Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal:
1. Chelsea. The Blues have a pretty good lineup. The problem is that the players are not used to playing in the team that is not as strong. This may be the reason why the team does not succeed in the long run.
2. Manchester City. The Citizens have a fairly good lineup too, but it is very unstable. The leaders of the club are not able to decide the fate of the match alone.
3. Tottenham. The Londoners have a nice lineup, too, which is quite good. However their game is not at the best level.
4. Everton. The Toffees are a team that has a lot in common with the previous teams. This includes a good performance in the EFL Cup.