The summer of 2017 has been a rather eventful one for the Italian football. The first half of the season was marked by a lot of intrigue, as the teams were constantly fighting for the places in the top-4. The Bianco-Neri, Juventus and Inter were in the middle of the standings, but they were fighting for their lives, as well as for the right to enter the Champions League.
At the end of the second half of 2017, the situation in the standings was quite simple: Juventus had to win the Scudeto, and Inter needed to win a match for the first time in a year.
The fight for the Scudo ended in the first round, when the Rossonera lost to Roma. The game was quite intense, but it ended in a draw. The next round was even more interesting, as Inter needed a win to enter into the play-off round. The Rossoneros had a lot to do, as they needed to do the following:
1. Score a goal. The team managed to score only once, but the fact that the Rossoni were able to do this is an excellent result.
2. Get a penalty. This is a good result, too.
3. Get the ball in the opponent’s half.
4. Score in the final third.
All the goals were scored, and the team managed not to concede a single goal.

The team managed this result despite the fact the coach was fired, and despite the constant rumors about the possible replacement of the legendary Zinedine Zidane.
In the next season, the Bianco Neri will be able to fight for a place in the Champions league zone, and it is clear that the team will be very active in the transfer market. The club will have a lot more money, and this will allow them to buy the best players.
It is worth noting that the summer of 2018 was marked not only by the struggle for places in Serie A, but also for the Champions title. In the summer, Juventus was very active, and many players were bought for a high price. The most expensive acquisition was the midfielder Danilo, who cost the team about 1.5 million euros.
This is a clear sign that the club is very serious about the Champions cup, and that it is ready to fight until the last match.
Will the Rossonserz be able not only to fight in the Serie A but also in the European cups?
The season 2018/19 has been quite eventful for the Bianconeri, as many players left the team, and they had to search for new players. The main departure was the departure of the star player of the team Zidanes, who left the club for a better offer.
However, the Rossona is not the only one who left. The summer of the club was marked also by the departure, among others, of the following players:
* Danilo;
* Ciro Immobile;
* Mario Mandzukic.
Many of them left the Rossonna for a higher price.
One of the main problems of the Biancini is that they are not able to compete in the domestic championship. The last time the team won the national championship was in the 1990-91 season.
But the team has a lot left to do. The players are young, and even the veterans are not always able to lead the team. However, the team is quite capable of winning the national cup, too, and if the club manages to get into the European zone, then it will be a real achievement.
Where can the club go from here?
In order to compete for the title in the national championships, the club will need to strengthen the squad. The transfer campaign of the next year will be quite active, too; the club has a huge budget, and so far, the most expensive transfer was the one of the midfielder Mauro Icardi.
For the Rossonal Cup, the fans will have to wait a little, because the club does not have the strongest squad. However the team still has a chance to win, and in the next few seasons, the players will have more chances to show their skills.
Milan’s future in the EPL
In recent years, the EFL Cup has become a real competition for the champion title. This season, Manchester City has a good chance to become the first team to win it. The Citizens have a good squad, and a lot can be done in the summer.
First of all, the main priority of the coach is to strengthen his team. The previous season, City managed to win only one trophy, the FA Cup. The current season, they have a chance of winning all the trophies that are at stake.
Among the main contenders for the victory in the championship, there are the following teams:
· Liverpool;
· Manchester United;
· Chelsea;
The Citizens have the following advantages:
a. Good squad;
b. Long bench;
c. Good teamwork;
d. Individual skills of the players. However this is not enough to win all the cups.
Manchester City has the following disadvantages:
i. Lack of motivation;
ii. Lack of experience;