The transfer of Antoine Griezmann from Atletico to Barcelona was a real coup for the Catalans. The player was a great success of the team, which is now able to win the Champions League.
The player was bought for a very good price, and the club has already paid a lot for him. The transfer of Griezman cost around €100 million, which was a good price for the player.
However, the transfer of the player is not the only thing that concerns the club. The club has a lot of problems, and it is now looking for a new goalkeeper.

The goalkeeper is a very important position for the club, because it is responsible for the number of goals scored by the team. The goalkeeper is also very important for the team’s chances of winning the Champions Cup.
Barcelona has a number of options for the new goalkeeper, which will be discussed in the next days.
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The club has several candidates for the position of the new goal keeper. Among them, the most interesting are:
· Diego Alves;
· and
Alves is a goalkeeper who was the best in the Spanish championship in the last season. He has a good experience in the national team, and he is a good goalkeeper. The price for Alves is around €40 million.
Diego Alves has a contract with the club until the summer of 2020, and this contract is worth €1.5 million. The contract is for a period of 5 years.
It is important to note that the club does not want to pay the player a high price for him, because he is not a star in the club and will not be able to justify the cost of the contract.
In addition, the player has a high level of performance, which allows him to receive a high salary.
Therefore, the price for Diego Alvezes is not that high, and in the future, the club will be able pay him a higher salary. The new contract will allow the club to pay him more, which means that the goalkeeper will receive a higher amount of money.
You can always follow the latest news on the club’ s website, where you will find the information about the transfer.
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The football results of La Liga are always interesting, because the club plays in the most prestigious European club tournament. The season of the Spanish Championship has already ended, and we can say that the team of Barcelona has won it.
This is the first time in the history of the club that the Catalonians have won the Champions Trophy. The team has a very strong lineup, which has already won the European Cup. The players of the Barcelona team have already won a lot, and they have already managed to win a lot.
After the victory in the Champions trophy, the team was invited to the World Championship, where the team will play against the team from Russia. The game will be held in the group stage, and if the team wins, it will qualify for the playoffs.
If the team does not win, it can be eliminated from the tournament. However, the last time the team lost the group, and now it is very likely that the game will end in the same way.
At the moment, the main question is whether the team can win the World Cup. However it is not easy to win all the tournaments at once, and to do this, the players need to have a good game.
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The live football results are always very important, because they can influence the final result of the game. The Catalonias team has already played in the World Championships, and there is a high probability that the players will win the tournament, because this time they have a very powerful lineup.
There are a lot more stars in the lineup of the Catalonian team, so the game of the players is very intense. The main goal of the Catalan team is to win gold medals, and at the moment they are in the lead of the standings.
Of course, the game is not over yet, but the team is in the leading position, and that is why it is so important to follow the live football today results.
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Now, it is much easier to follow all the latest football news thanks to the website of sports statistics. The website of fscore is very convenient, because you can find the results of matches of your favorite teams and leagues.
Among the most important tournaments that the Catalan club participates in, we can highlight:
1. Spanish Championship.
2. European Cup Winners Cup.
3. UEFA Champions League, which the team has won in the past season.
4. Europa League. The team will participate in the tournament for the first and only time.
5. League 1, which are the games of the first teams of the championship.
6. La Liga, which started on November 1, and will end on May 31.
7. Copa del Rey. This is the most famous football tournament of Spain.
8. Supercopa. It is a tournament for professionals, which takes place every year.