Roma have been punished by the Italian Football Association for the second time in a year, this time for the match against Atalanta. The club was punished for the following reasons:
1. The match was held in Rome, the home stadium of the team.
2. The team was fined for not having the necessary number of players in the field.
3. The game was abandoned after the first half.
The club was also punished for not using the correct number of substitutes.
This time, the club was given a ban of two years, which will be effective from the date of the match. The fines were also increased to €20,000.

The team’s coach, Josep Guardiola, has already said that he will not be able to coach the team in the future. The reason for this is the fact that the club is in the middle of a crisis. The previous season, the team was in the Champions League zone, but lost to the team from the same country in the play-off round.
It is worth noting that the team has already won the Europa League, which is another reason for the club’ failure.
In the summer, the fans of the club were hoping that the players would be able not only to win the Italian Cup, but also to qualify for the Champions league. However, the players have not been able to show the desired form.
However, the situation with the team is not the only one in the Serie A. The following matches have also been punished:
* against Cagliari;
* away match against Napoli;

* home match against Lazio.
All of these matches were held in the last season, so the fans were expecting a lot from the team, but it has not been the case.
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Football results of the last matches of Roma
In summer, many teams have been trying to get into the Champions club. The main contenders for the title were:
· Liverpool;
· Manchester City;
· Chelsea.
Despite the fact the first two teams were not able to win a single trophy, they managed to finish in the top 4, which means that they have a good chance of getting into the elite.
Liverpool was not the main contender for the final place, but the team managed to win only one trophy in the season. The Reds were not the best team in Europe, but they were able to finish the season in the first position of the standings.
Manchester City was also not a contender for getting into top 4. However the team did not finish in first position, which shows that it has potential.
Chelsea was also a serious contender for entering the elite, but was not able even to finish at the first place. The Blues did not show the best results, which led to the fact they did not win any trophy.
After the end of the season, many fans were hoping for a lot, but only a few clubs managed to get to the Champions cup.
Rome derby: the main losers of the game
The game between Roma and Atalante was the first derby of the Serie a. The teams have a long history, and the last meeting between the teams was in January of this year.
Atalante won the match, but not without a fight. The first half of the football match was not a pleasant one, but after that, the game became more and more interesting.
There were many problems during the game, and it was not possible to watch it in full. The reasons for this were:
1) The stadium was not full.
1b) The fans were not ready to watch the game in full, because they were waiting for the result of the previous match.
So, the main reason for not watching the game was the fact it was held at the stadium of Roma.
Fans of the teams were also disappointed with the fact no one from the Atalanti team showed up to the match in full and the team had to play without its captain.
Another reason for no full game was that the game ended after 90 minutes.
If you look at the results of other games, you can see that the fans had a lot of problems with the game.
But the main problem of the derby was the lack of motivation of the players. Many of them were not in the best shape, and they were not at their best.
Many of the fans also criticized the fact there were no goals scored during the match and the players did not have the motivation to score.
Such a situation can be explained by the fact many of the leaders of the Atleti were injured.
These injuries have been the main cause of the lack in the game of the main club of Italy.
Team’ performance in the second half of Serie A
The second half was the most interesting part of the tournament. The players of the Roma team had a good game. The most important thing for the team”s performance was the game against Napolion.
Napoli was not at its best, but at the end, the result was the same.